What is Tarot Reading?

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Tarot reading is the oldest form of fortune telling. Taromacy is the technical term to tarot card reading. Tarot is an amazing occult.

Nobody can say with certainty how, where and when it came into existence but it’s remarkably accurate reflections of the situations and the outcome has made it a powerful and interesting tool not for fortune telling but for throwing light on our circumstances and also the path ahead.

Tarot is very different from other occults because the interpretation of the symbolism of the cards largely depend upon the clarity of what is sought and how one understands the revelation. Tarot never gives definite answers and this fact has to be understood well before the reading is done. The training of the mind towards self-awareness needs to be done to get the best out of Tarot. Intuitive skills develop over a period of time.

Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, spirituality and practicality. When people hear the tarot card they often associate it to black magic due to its occult ties whereas its a tool that can lead you towards a happier life with more meaning. It diagnosis all aspects of your personality and gives a clear picture as to what path you should take to become a better person and helps nurturing relationships. It gives an overall perspective of your life and helps you to connect with your intuition and encourages you to make positive decision in future.

Tarot is a deck containing 78 cards – 22 from Major Arcana which depict the important events of our lives and 56 from Minor Arcana which are indicative of our experiences, the situations and the possible direction of our future. Tarot decks are fully functional and reach in symbolism each image has its own story to tell.


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