Insights on Types of Tarot Cards

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Tarot is a pack of plain cards used from mid 15th century in various parts of Europe. Below mentioned are few of them:

Two Cups Tarot: The Two of Cups shows a young man and woman, exchanging cups and pledging their love for one another. It means commitment friendship, partnership, relationship and love. It indicates that a bond is developing between you and someone else. It is an auspicious card which shows something positive in relationship.

The Star: This shows that you are blessed by the universe which is inspiring, bringing new hope and a feeling of spirituality. The woman has one foot on the ground, representing her practical abilities and good common sense, and the other foot in the water, representing her intuition and inner resources and listening to her inner voice.

10 of Pentacles: The card shows a wealthy man who has achieved a great deal during his life and is immensely gratified that he can now share his wealth and abundance with his loved ones. Upright card means wealth , accumulation, attainment in the material world with an established family and home life. Reversed card shows wealth can be a trap.

Lovers: This card shows you have a beautiful soul honoring connection with the loved one. It represents relationship and choices and can indicate that there is a struggle with temptation in your life. Here you may move from being single into a relationship or vice-versa. This card helps to find out the person who is right. Upright card shows falling in love, commitment, choices being at the crossroad. Reverse card shows separation , infidelity, relationship issue, broken relationship.

The Sun: The card indicates optimism, positivity, fulfillment, food fortune, happiness, joy and harmony. It represents the Universe coming together to show your path and aiding forward movement into something greater and fruitful. Upright card shows joy, enlightenment, material happiness, marriage, success. reverse card shows lack of clarity  falls impression, sadness and low vitality.

The Empress: The card shows an empress with a scepter indicating power over her life. Her crown has twelve stars depicting her dominance over the year and the thrown shown in the midst of the grainfield represents her command over growing things. Upright card shows pregnancy, maternal care, new opportunity, abundance and stability. Reverse card shows financial issues, domestic problems , unwanted pregnancy and stagnation.

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