How Genuine are Tarot Readings

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I would like to share some true incidences about how Tarot Readings made a difference in one’s life

There is this gentleman who was highly qualified in electrical Engineering, however when he did not find a job for the last 10 months, he decided to ask Tarot about it. When the cards were laid, my client was curious, yet apprehensive about believing in them. Eventually, the cards read about him getting a job within a month’s span and there were certain guidelines he had to follow which were creating an obstacle all these days in landing a decent job. Along with the guidance given by Tarot, I also helped him thru counseling and a small healing. It was barely 3 weeks after the reading was done….and my client calls me to say…he has got an offer and would like to accept it….Thereafter he joined the organization and with respect and his faith in Tarot…He expressed his gratitude towards this science….


“Infertility is a very emotional & sensitive issue. One of my client was childless for a couple of years. She came in with full faith just to know if she would ever get a child. A reading for her, gave her the guideline and hope, that she would bare her own child, only she had to change the path towards it. Her faith worked. After 3 years, she contacted me along with her daughter who was now 2 years old. She admitted that she had to convince her family a lot to follow the path of tarot, but when she succeeded, the entire family’s faith grew.”



Another interesting case I would like to share is of a Man who was in a relationship. He wanted to check on his partner’s life in general. After the Tarot gave the readings, there was one card which said that, his partner will be travelling in a day or two. To this he denied saying it’s not possible as in such a short span, he would have known about her travel plans…I left it to him… saying if the cards are mentioning then there has to be a truth to it…..

Apparently….the Gentleman calls me in the next 24 hrs to say that” last night my partner informed me that she has to fly international the very next morning”….And he was shocked to believe the accuracy of the Cards…..

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