Minor Arcana

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Minor Arcana :

The Minor Arcana or lesser Arcana (minor secrets) are 56 suit cards (divided into 4 suits) out of 78 card deck. Each suit comprises of 14 cards (1 to 10 Ace and 4 court cards).

4 suits : are Pentacles, Suit of Cups, Suit of Wands and Suit of Swords. These are followed  by 4 court cards namely Page, Knight, Queen and King. Each suit represents a Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Minor Arcana cards hold secrets of our day to day livelihood, relationships, business.

Suit of Wands : it is a card of fire, spring that shows your passion towards your career , social and political activities.  This shows your planning and execution of your project as well as whether you are ready to handle obstacle or give-up. The leaderships skills are shown. Even lack of confidence is accurately predicted, if there is imbalance in this area.

Suit of Cups : It is a card of water suit of hearts, summer, It shows the emotional states of the individual and its relationship around. These cards show passion, friendliness, pleasure in our lives. It gives a clear picture of a relationship in the past or the present and how we behave. Lack of confidence and moving away from ones near and dear ones. Thus needs to be rectified to bring closeness and happiness. It gives an overall view of the past, present and future of our relationship.

The Suit of Swords : (AIR element) : As the name indicates action that can be constructive like change, power, ambition , courage or destructive like force, oppression and conflict. Here conflict can be moral or physical or moral. This card shows a person vulnerability stress and pain. This shows the impact on a person’s thought , beliefs and attitude. It guides us to take up the reins in our hands and stand up once again to face the world.

Suit of Pentacles : It is connected to the winter season and the EARTH  element. This shows income and personal possessions, stability, practicality and determination. The Up position indicates you should pay attention to your material needs. EARTH indicates stay grounded and you will be suitably rewarded for your efforts. This card gives an introspection of your worldly gains like your business, trait, property and material manifestation. When this card shows imbalance we tend to show signs of anxiety, insecurity, lack of decision making, almost a complete detachment to the people around. Accurate Pentacle reading help us bounce back to the normal.

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