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Tarot is an amazing occult. Nobody can say with certainty how, where and when it came into existence but it’s remarkably accurate reflections of the situations and the outcome has made it a powerful and interesting tool not for fortune telling but for throwing light on our circumstances and also the path ahead.

Tarot is a deck containing 78 cards – 22 from Major Arcana which depict the important events of our lives and 56 from Minor Arcana which are indicative of our experiences, the situations and the possible direction of our future.

True incidence about how Tarot Readings made a difference in one’s life

Now let me tell you about a Couple who was childless…One day a lady comes to me to check if she will ever have a child in her life ? After I took some details from her, I found that she and her husband were trying to have a baby ever since they got married and it had been 4 years by now…

The Tarot has its own beauty of guidance….what I found firstly is that she would conceive and it was as close as that her chances of conception was just 4 weeks away..

Upon hearing this she was surprised and did not totally believe in it…. I then told her that as per the readings(as she wanted to know, why was she unable to conceive all these years)the obstacle towards her being pregnant was none other than her Husband….She defended saying” My Husband & I are both longing for a child “. Further when I read the remaining cards, I told her to avoid arguments at home as the cards were showing the possibilities….

The next day the same lady calls me to say that yes there were arguments between her husband & her, as her husband did not like the idea of her seeing a Tarot reader….

And finally the day came….it was three months after she did the Tarot reading….and she called to say that she has conceived and was 6 weeks pregnant…..Her trust in Tarot was unexplainable…….