Types of Tarot


Mentioned below are different types of Tarot Cards which will solve your problems :

  • Career Tarot :

This type of card provides one with the right career advice. If you are confused or are not able to decide which is the best career for you to pursue, Tarot will definitely help you in taking the right decision. It will also help you recognize the career option you should stay away from. This will keep your from taking the wrong decision.

  • Power Tarot :

This will reveal a motivating message that will tell you how to make use of a situation you are trying to take chance of and advice how to boldly take the reins of your life and come out as a Victor.

  • Lovers Triangle :

If you have two love interests and are not able to pick out the right one for yourself, take help of this card type as it will help you in making realize which one will benefit you. It will help you find out the correct life partner for yourself.

  • Money Tarot :

Money Tarot will provide you with easy ways of making money. As money is the basic requirement to fulfill all your other requirements, then earning it becomes crucial. If you are unable to make money due to reasons unidentifiable, this card type will come to your rescue and provide you with financial tips and make your life easy.

  • Erotic Tarot :

This type focuses on the erotic concepts of Tarot. It awakens sensuality between partners or prospective lovers and helps them to stay physically happy.

  • Dream Tarot :

This type decodes your dreams and builds a connect between your dreams and life. The symbolic and unconscious messages give clues to your past, present and future. Tarot readers suggests ways, warnings and reveals secret meanings of what your dream is trying to tell you.

  • Hot Topic Tarot :

When you want a speedy and on the spot solution to your problems, you should turn to this type as it will for sure give you the right solution. It will provide you the truth which will help you an important step further.

  • Inner Animal Tarot :

This card with the help of your name and date of birth reveals your inner instincts and emotions. It tells you which animal embodies you or your behavior.